Hope three16 is a Christian based charity providing supported housing to homeless and vulnerable adult males in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.
We began in October 2014 and currently run 19 rooms across four houses. Our mission is to facilitate & motivate change in people’s lives for the benefit of themselves and the community they live in.

Bringing about sustained & permanent change is a long term commitment to a process that takes as long as the individual situation requires, it’s not a short term fix.
Loving people back to life requires the development of a relationship founded on hope and trust which can nurture the belief that change is possible. We care and are working hard to make a difference.

Hope three16 supported housing works alongside our residents for as long as it takes.
The objective is to restore the relationships and foundations that prepare them for what most tend to think of as a normal life including work, family, living and giving.

We support them, we love them and help them with food and clothing if necessary. We help arrange meetings, transport them and go to meetings with them along with other things that are often taken for granted. Whatever it takes.

Where required, we work with them through their drug and/or alcohol issues linking up with other agencies to provide any additional support and help required.
Many homeless people also suffer physical & mental health issues and may have current or previous drug and/or alcohol problems that continues to affect them today. Being street homeless, sleeping rough for many years changes people.
Their recent and existing relationships have often been toxic and it can take a lot to convince someone who feels let down by everyone and everything that they can have a meaningful and productive life.

Each person needs their own amount of time, it may take a year or more to gain the trust required to give them the hope for a better future. This is what we do.

Further details are available across this site and by using the contact page.