Data privacy policy
This policy is to inform those who are concerned with how their information is being used within Hopethree16.
Please read our policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your information.

General principles
Hope three16 in the course of its operations collects and processes personal information from those who use our services, make donations to us through Stewardship, use the website form to make contact via email, are employed or volunteer with us.  At all times we aim to respect any personal information provided to us or that we receive from others, and keep it safe.
The information is securely stored and only used within Hope three16 in order to carry out its operations and is not shared with any person or organisation unless there is an operational need to do so (such as making a Housing Benefit Claim).
Personal information is contained within a secured network and is only accessible by Hope three16 staff with special access rights and who are required to keep the information confidential.
Certain personal information is required by us in order to deliver our services. Otherwise the provision of personal information to us is voluntary.  However, without providing us with personal information the use of our services, being employed or being a volunteer may not be possible, for example, individuals will be unable to become a resident with Hope three16 Supported Housing without providing personal information.

Application Forms
Application forms are completed by individuals requesting to be considered by Hope three16 for supported accommodation services. By completing and submitting the form the applicant is providing consent that their information is stored and processed by Hope three16 for the purposes of providing such accommodation and if successful in making a Housing Benefit Claim. Paper applications are stored securely in a locked cabinet.

Residents’ data
In the course of its operations Hope three16 collects, stores and processes residents’ data through the Application Form, notes made in support sessions and at meetings with other agencies. Residents’ information is not shared outside of Hope Three16 unless there is a legal requirement to do so.

Website and email
The website uses cookies. We do not use cookies to track or trace usage or gather personal information.
Individuals who use the website contact form to email Hope three16 consent to providing their name and email address to be stored and used for responding to enquiries or requests made to Hopethree16.
Hopethree16 does not keep a mailing list and does not use email for marketing or fund raising purposes.

Online donations
Online donations to Hope three16 are made via the Stewardship giving pages.
If a giver gives consent for Stewardship to share their personal data with Hope three16 as the recipient, we will be provided with their name, address and email address, along with donation amount, frequency and any associated donation reference.
The information is not used by Hope three16 except to reply to the individual with a thank you message.
If a giver does not give consent for us to share their personal data with Hope three16, by choosing that the donation is to be sent anonymously, we will be provided only with the donation amount details.
Further details on Stewardship privacy policy can be found at Stewardship Privacy Notice

Staff & Volunteers
Hope three16 stores and processes personal information in order to recruit paid employees and unpaid volunteers. This includes the job application form, DBS application & return where required and management of staff records.
Pay and Pension information is provided by Estuary Accountancy Services who provide Payroll services to Hope three16. Personal information for paid staff is provided to Estuary Accountancy Services solely for the stated purpose. Personal Information relating to staff and volunteers is only available to Directors and Trustees of Hope three16.

CCTV is used at some Hope three16 houses for the safety of residents and crime prevention. Access to CCTV footage is only available to Directors and Staff and is subject to separate password access control. CCTV information is not shared outside of Hope Three16 unless there is a legal requirement to do so (i.e. when requested by the Police for investigative purposes)
CCTV is not used to monitor staff.  If we are asked for legitimate reasons we will provide images recorded of them within 40 days with a charge of £10.

Hope three16 will keep personal data for as long as it is necessary to provide the services that have been asked for by the individual, and to meet our legal obligations to Charity Commission, HMRC and other regulations.
As a general rule, we will keep the data for seven years from the end of the individuals’ use of our services.
However, if before that date the personal information is no longer required in connection with Hope three16 or we are no longer lawfully entitled to process it, or the individual exercises their right of erasure the data will be removed from our records at the relevant time.